2010 Porsche 911 Carrera AWD 4S

Thompson R

Someone hit me at a stoplight…a teenager texting who received multiple citations.  At first glance, the damage seemed superficial but it is a Porsche and the cost of repairs were more than I expected. The insurance company of the responsible party told me they would restore my vehicle to “pre-accident” condition and I was not to worry.  I asked about compensation for the loss in value due to the accident and they quickly dismissed this as something their driver was not insured for…This seemed terribly inequitable, so I contacted the people at CrashCalculator and brought myself up to speed.  The Diminished Value Report they provided me, along with their guidance over the phone helped me land a $4500 settlement without an attorney.  Kudos to my friends at crashcalculator.com.


R. Thompson III
Coral gables, FL

2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS-2


Special thanks to Austin@crashcalculator.com for helping me get a
diminished value settlement on my 2010 Chevy Camaro SS.  The accident was
not my fault so my insurance company told me the “at fault” driver’s
insurance company would handle my claim.  This was not a good experience
and they refused to pay me for the loss in value after the accident caused
by their insured driver! Austin educated me very quickly and provided a
Diminished Value Report for my vehicle that outlined my diminished value
loss to the dollar which made it much easier to get a settlement.  I
recommend crashcalculator.com to anyone that has had an accident.  These
folks are awesome!

Christine G.
Highlands, TX

2013 Range Rover Sport

2013 Range Rover

My first accident was a big one! The damage was over $37,000 to repair and both insurance company’s involved told me that the Fair Market Value (FMV) was $54,000 and that it has to be repaired? I was shocked that a vehicle with so much damage could actually be repaired and most certainly did not want to get back inside it again. In spite of my insurance company refusing to “total my Range Rover” I was able to sell the vehicle to CrashCalculator for $17,500 and keep the $37,000 that were allocated to repair my vehicle. This gave me peace of mind and I pretty much got what I would have if the vehicle was totaled. Great service provided by CrashCalculators team.