Car Is Damaged In an Accident – Diminished Value Calculator

What happens to the value of your vehicle when you’ve been in a car crash and it’s the other drivers fault? Well, if everything goes well that driver had an insurance policy with enough coverage to get your car repaired to its original condition, right? Almost, but not so much; unless of course you get … Continued

How Do Insurance Companies Calculate A Diminished Value Claim?

Crash Calculator makes it easy for you to find out what the value of your damaged car with our easy to use diminished value calculator. But what about the reimbursement amount you get from the at fault driver’s insurance company? How do insurance companies calculate a diminished value claim? Well, I assure you it’s different … Continued

Do I Qualify for Diminished Value?

Vehicles depreciate the moment you drive one off the car lot and continue to depreciate, and that is normal. When a vehicle has been in a car crash, it will never be repaired to its original pre-accident condition. This means when the other driver is at fault, the car accident caused your car to drop … Continued

Does State Farm Hurt the Diminished Value of a Car?

What you’re about to read could very well end up being big insurance at its worst. If proven true in Federal Court the negative backlash of possibilities for State Farm Mutual Automobile Company, John Eagle Collision Center of Dallas, Texas, and 3M the adhesive manufacturer are huge. What’s the old saying? If you want it … Continued

What Is Diminished Value? Don’t Let “Big Insurance” Fool You

Why is that’s an important question? It’s because when compared to the over 7.4 billion people in this world only a hand full have ever heard of it. When you ask most people, “What is diminished value?” the response would most likely be, “What is what?” understands it’s a mystery to people, and why … Continued