Do I Qualify for Diminished Value?

cc-sept-2Vehicles depreciate the moment you drive one off the car lot and continue to depreciate, and that is normal. When a vehicle has been in a car crash, it will never be repaired to its original pre-accident condition. This means when the other driver is at fault, the car accident caused your car to drop in value not because of depreciation, but diminished its value. So your question, do I qualify for diminished value, could, and should be, what is my diminished value? That is where we come in.

What To Know

Some states require insurance companies to pay diminished value and your insurance premium cannot increase due to a diminished value claim. Your insurance carrier also cannot cancel your policy due to diminished value. I should mention in some states, such as Georgia, a diminished value claim could be submitted regardless if you were at fault or not. We can help you find out.

The fastest and easiest way to know if you qualify for diminished value after a car accident, is getting the answer to, what is my diminished value? That is where we come in. To get a free diminished value assessment, all it takes is answering a few questions and following our 2-step process for an instant offer on Then we will work with you to get you the amount you deserve for the diminished value and not have to settle for the insurance company’s reimbursement amount is. We will even help you submit an insurance claim. See our FAQs additional information.