Car Is Damaged In an Accident – Diminished Value Calculator

2013-FusionWhat happens to the value of your vehicle when you’ve been in a car crash and it’s the other drivers fault? Well, if everything goes well that driver had an insurance policy with enough coverage to get your car repaired to its original condition, right? Almost, but not so much; unless of course you get lucky and his insurance company has a conscience and they’re compelled to not only tell you about diminished value, but provide you with the real reimbursement amount you’re entitled to. The chances of that happening, well, pretty close to not happening. When your car is damaged in an accident, you need a good diminished value calculator to determine what your vehicle’s loss in value is. That’s where comes in to the picture.

What Does CrashCalculator Do?’s sole purpose is to help you get the reimbursement for your damaged car when it’s been in an accident. You didn’t cause the accident. You weren’t the negligent driver. You were alert and driving safely. You didn’t ask for your wellbeing to be put at risk or your car’s condition to be severely or slightly damaged. You have the right to reimbursement of the difference of what your vehicle’s value was before the accident and after repair to what seem to be back to its previous condition, or maybe even better than before. At a glance, or even after your keen eye and due diligence inspection of your vehicle, all repairs may seem perfect; but I assure you they are NOT.

There is NO WAY repair to your vehicle will bring it back to its original condition; ever. Automobile insurance companies use a formula known at 17c and the only diminished value it’s good at diminishing is the diminished value of your car. State Farm came up with the formula to use in a court case and the judge accepted it ruling it was fair and acceptable. Do you think 17c is to your advantage or the insurance’s advantage? If your answer is the insurance’s advantage, you’re 100% correct. 17c only considers body damage and not mechanical damages. See my article, How Do Insurance Companies Calculate A Diminished Value Claim? on how 17c drastically works to the insurance company’s advantage and not yours.

When you’ve been in a car accident ,our diminished value calculator provides you with a real life number, not an insurance fantasy figure; so don’t trust those guys to treat you fairly. Insurance is in the business of saving them money, not keeping your money in your pocket. We will help you through the process of filing a diminished value claim to get the reimbursement you’re entitled to. Don’t wait, fill out our questionnaire and find out the value of your damaged vehicle today.