Car Crash? Don’t Let Their Insurance Company Rip You Off! Get the Diminished Car Value You Are Owed!

rear-end-car-accident_1920One month ago, then two weeks ago, then yesterday I literally spoke to 3 different people about diminished car value. Like thousands upon thousands of people whose vehicle has been in an car crash, none of them even knew DCV exists much less what it is. When you’re in a car crash and it’s not your fault, do NOT let their insurance company rip you off! They’re in the business to save money; not to help you get money. Trust me when I tell you that you can get reimbursed for what you are owed!

What are you owed? That’s simple. The difference between what the value of your vehicle was BEFORE a car accident and the value of a very pristinely repaired – A.K.A. you’d never know it was in an accident if not for that CarFAX report – vehicle. You think your new and shiny car or truck’s value dropped the second you drove it off the lot? That value drop is nothing compared to a repaired accident vehicle. I don’t care how good of a job the company did.

David, the maintenance man in my apartment complex, was rear ended by a non-licensed driver operating a friend’s car. It was his work truck and his bread and butter; the only vehicle he had. The insurance company of the owner of the car that hit David’s SUV informed him he wasn’t getting anything from them because an unlicensed driver wasn’t covered under the owner’s insurance policy, and the car owner wasn’t liable to boot. Are you kidding me? Jerks!

I knew this couldn’t be right. I mean, on what planet is the owner of a car that gives the keys over and then permission to drive off in the insured car not liable? Let’s say the owner of the car didn’t know. I don’t know any city, in any county, in any state that doesn’t have a law courts use against people all the time – ignorance of the law is no excuse and you are accountable – A.K.A. liable. It’s the owner’s responsibility to be 100% positive they’re handing a deadly weapon over to a 100% legal driver. Not the guy on the street he’s rear ending.

Insurance companies TAKE ADVANTAGE of the uninformed. Their agents are very well trained how to skillfully do it. They have loopholes they use every day on some poor sucker who doesn’t know to ask; diminished car value is just a drop in the bucket. Don’t let insurance companies rip you off! Get reimbursed for the diminished value owed to you for a car crash you didn’t cause! Enter a little information today and get your Diminished Value Report; or contact and we’ll help you file a diminished car value claim. Don’t be like David putting miles on your daughter’s car to keep food on the table. Find out what you need to know and get the cash you deserve.