Insurance Carriers Get Rich while you get stiffed

Having an accident is not a pleasant experience for anyone involved. Especially when your insurance company is

2011 Camaro SS2getting rich off of your misfortune. Insurance carriers are raking in record-setting profits while you don’t see a dime.


Insurance company’s profits skyrocketed from $26 billion to $31 billion from the beginning of 2014 to the start of 2015, according to ISO. These profits come at the expense of the customer. Remember: Insurance companies are not your friends. When their bottom line is positively influenced by taking advantage of you, why would they have your best interest in mind?


Understanding insurance companies do not have your best interest in mind is the first step in getting all the money you’re entitled to after an accident. Understanding the diminished value of your vehicle is the last step in getting the money you deserve. That is where we come in. By using our Diminished Value Calculator, you are guaranteed to get the best value for your vehicle and get the money you deserve.