Is your insurance adjuster a clown?

Is your insurance adjuster a clown?Insurance Adjuster

When it comes to Diminished Value, we hear lots of silly excuses from insurance companies – quite “clownlike” in our experience.  In fact, they will say anything to discourage you from pursuing a diminished value claim.  They mislead and intimidate you into thinking that you have no grounds for diminished value compensation and if you buy it, they win!  It’s easy for most people to defer to the word of an insurance claims representative because they are viewed as experts in their field and most claimants (you after a wreck) are newbies and don’t know what they should do after an accident.  Most are trained to think the person that hit you is the enemy and is not to be trusted.  In reality, that person most likely will hand over their drivers license, insurance identification card and apologize to you for hitting your car, admitting it’s their fault.  We know this is fact because we hear it from our customers every day again and again.  The stories will always change however, when insurance adjusters get involved, looking for the hole or a way to shift liability and not pay the claim.  Your real enemy is the insurance adjuster, take it from us we deal with them every day and the stories get more unbelievable…

Today’s example:

A claimant was told by an insurance adjuster that because their vehicle has more than 100,000 miles on it, they were not eligible for diminished value compensation.  Now we have heard a lot of ridiculous excuses from insurance companies before, but none quite this asinine!

Fact #1 – your car has a Fair Market Value (FMV) whether it has 100 miles or 100,000 miles.  Diminished Value is based off the loss in FMV and while miles are the best indication of wear on the vehicle, it is rare that a vehicle is worthless because it has 100,000 miles on it.  Many of the vehicles we evaluate have over 100,000 miles.  Cars and trucks today are very expensive and built to last a lot longer than they were 20 years ago, too bad insurance companies want to keep doing business in that era! 

Fact #2 – the age of your vehicle will have an effect on FMV and is the other major metric that will impact the FMV.  Just because the vehicle is 10 years old, does not mean it is worth nothing.  It is not uncommon to see the FMV of a 10 year old Porsche in the $50,000+ range.

Fact #3 – Diminished Value exists, it is real and very tangible and is here to help you get all you can from your claim.  Don’t let some insurance person intimidate you with words.  Get armed and ready for battle, the squeaky wheel gets the oil every time!

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