How does a Bad CarFax affect the value of my car?

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A CarFax can be bad (aka “dirty”) for several reasons; title brands like flood damage, Insurance loss, Salvage title, Lemon-law Buyback, Mileage discrepancy, Stolen vehicle and of course the most damaging literally and figuratively – Accident Damage. But what makes the CarFax Report most interesting is the commentary that appears in the report that can come from a variety of sources including:

• Police Departments
• Towing agencies
• Impounds
• Insurance companies
• Municipalities
• Other data providers

CarFax, AutoCheck and other vehicle history providers procure data from a multitude of sources. Most are reliable, some are not like oil change places, private emission inspection stations, and carwashes that do minor service work. The employees at these businesses are notorious for “fat-finger” mileage entries that can be detrimental to the mileage history on your vehicle’s CarFax Report.

Accident Data Comments pose problems for vehicle owners

Comments that are included in accident reports sometimes are misleading and can paint a picture far worse than what actually happened to the vehicle. Here are some actual examples:

• Accident damage, vehicle destroyed – this particular vehicle was towed from the scene, but no airbags were deployed and the vehicle was not a total loss. The comment “vehicle destroyed” on the CarFax Report makes it virtually sale proof for the owner in our opinion.
• Accident, vehicle disabled and towed from scene – this vehicle swerved to avoid a collision and hit a curb causing damage to the wheel and suspension. No body damage or airbag deployment, but the comments left on the CarFax are very detrimental.
• Vehicle accident, total loss – this vehicle was not an insurance total loss and was repaired by the owner
• Accident Right Front, Minor – Moderate Damage – this vehicle sustained parking lot damage from another vehicle. The incident was reported by the “at-fault” party and hit the CarFax report.
• Accident Rear – Moderate – Severe Damage – this vehicle was driven home from the accident scene and repaired.

Can a bad CarFax be fixed?

The answer is, it depends. Accident history cannot be removed, but if the vehicle is inspected and it is deemed that the damage was minor, CarFax will change the history accordingly. Company’s like perform these inspections all over the USA.

Mileage discrepancies can be addressed in certain circumstances. If you believe there are data issues impacting your vehicle’s CarFax score, visit CarFax at: